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Glen Phillips
Excerpt of interview from Sassy magazine, December 1990

One of the songs on Toad the Wet Sprocket's second album, Pale,
is entitled "I Think About." That pretty much sums up Toad's 20-year-old
lead singer, the very pensive Glen Phillips. "I hope there's something
in our music that makes people start to think," he says. "I make music
because it's a form of expression I need to keep myself sane and happy."
Toad's music reminds me of REM because of the jangly guitars and because
Glen tends to mumble when he sings.


Their third album is due out in February."It's a lot happier," says
Glen. "I'm feeling a lot better adjusted. It's more rock and roll, less
trance-y slow." Although Glen doesn't believe they're selling out, he
admits that the cheerier sound of the new LP may incite such cries. In
Santa Barbara, where the band still lives, "it was cooler to like us
before we got signed." Glen thinks this is a silly train of thought.
"You can sit at the rock and roll table," he philosophizes, "but you
don't have to eat the biscuit."