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Excerpted from the July 1, 1994 Boston Globe Rock Notes column:

A happy accident. That's how Toad the Wet Sprocket singer
Glenn Phillips describes his band's meteoric success. The group's new
single, "Fall Down," is the No. 1 alternative rock track in the country
and is fast taking off on other formats as well. Not bad for a bunch of
high school friends from Santa Barbara, Calif., who had no intent of
ever seeking the brass ring.

"I don't think we would have called ourselves Toad the Wet
Sprocket if we were going for the brass ring," Phillips says of the
group's moniker, taken froma Monty Python skit. "We weren't sure
we'd ever even get our music out."

Toad, which headlines Avalon next Wed., has become a
thinking person's pop band. For instance, "Fall Down" is a confessional
tune about trying to help a friend in need. It's from the album,
"Dulcinea," a kind of loose but eminently engaging record that partly
updates the story of Don Quixote and his love of a woman named

"The Don Quixote idea was after the fact. We wrote the music
first and then we wanted some unifying concept," Phillips says. "I'm
no great poet, but I think we've at least learned to be less clumsy."